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To Panzhihua Factory and Oversea Department:

Suggested ways of transportation:
Airplane:             1、Chengdu-Panzhihua Two flights every day   time:3U8651 13:45-15:00   CA4461 14:15-15:25
long distance coach    1、Kunming-Panzhihua 340 miles expressway about 4 hours. You can take the coach at the bus station of Kunming, every 60 minutes                make one departure
Train:                1、Kunming-Panzhihua Train No.: K114   K146    K674    K166
                     2、Chengdu-Panzhihua Train No.:  K9483  K9470  T8869
The requirements for mailing file and the samples

The acceptable express:EMS/SF

GPS keyword: Jinhai Plaza

Guide to mail files
The acceptable express:EMS/SF/YUNDA/DHL/FEDEX